Right now Ros is working on these poems for her second book:

Grebe Duckling

This morning I went down
to the riverbank and there
was the grebe duckling
perched on its mother’s back.

She paddled or floated
down the fast current
in the middle of the flowing river.
As you can understand

I couldn’t tell exactly
how she swam
except it was by grace
and strength and beauty.

I thought I may never see this again,
the duckling, its neat head,
its tiny scooped beak
the miniature of its mother

travelling downstream
in the hollow of her folded wings
between the banks, in the middle of the river
beneath the willows – and they were gone.



The Lazy Sun

I’m reading poetry all morning,
Let the dust go spin – I’ll do no hoovering
Let the whole day hang,
I shall sit among the garlanded
Hell to the rest!
I shall indulge in Horace, Donne and Theocritus,
Tea, cake and mellow cream,
And  ‘watch the lazy sun
Tickle out another leaf.’

*Horace, Latin Poet



Also writing ’Beadon’.  Set in the small valley on Dartmoor near where she lives. The land is rich in wildlife, skylarks, yellow hammers, linnets, beetles and insects where she writes  early in the morning til late in the evening.

Also singing.








































































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